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Big pebble beach

There are not much beaches in and around Kas, but Big Pebble Beach (Buyukcakil) is a beauty. It’s about twenty minutes walk East from Small pebble beach area keeping the hotels to your left as you go over the crest of the hill you will come across the large pebble beacha and, on a hot day, by the time you get there you’re just about ready to flop into the refreshing cool water. It’s a shingle beach and getting in & out of the sea can be a bit tricky but it means the water is crystal clear and great for snorkelling. There are plenty of free sunbeds and umbrellas available. Ada Restaurant from one of the beach restaurant has delicious foods.
Cold spring water close to the beach makes this part of the see partially cold at specific regions.
Beach has no sand. Oval stones and pebbles only. Great for people who dislike sand.

Small pebble beach

5m long and in Kaş is this beautiful shingle beach. Gets a bit crowded though. There is however a network of these plateau like structures stretching away to the left, they tend to be owned by the hotels but are open to the public. There are a row of cafes at the back where the views over the harbour are superb. The Derya Beach Club and the Çinarlar Beach Restaurant are the best places to head for, they are either side of the beach and have the benefit of wireless internet access; a garden dining area; excellent food; a large area with sunbeds and a cool breeze which can be uncomfortably missing further down.

Limanagzi beach

This is the beautiful sheltered bay to the left of Kaş which contains four beach clubs. It is accessible via water taxi from the harbour or by foot – the path from Kaş to Limanagzi is part of The Lycian Way . Each of the four clubs has their own unique selling points however they all offer sunbeds, shaded areas, hammocks and sea kayaks all of which are free to use if you buy your food and drink from the restaurant. The snorkelling is superb with big shoals of Barracuda and Trumpet Fish around the rocks as well exotics such as turtles, squid and octopii. This is by far my favourite beach in the area. Just head down to the harbour in Kaş and ask for the water taxi to Limonagze, don’t worry about getting stranded because the clubs have their own boats which will bring you back if necessary. Some of these clubs are open in the evening providing an idyllic setting for a romantic meal.

Akcagerme beach

Public beach with sand and pebbles, lifeguard/lifesaving facilities with personel, access ramps and one disabled toilet, beach is about 4 km far from Kas city center, Akçagerme Beach is run by Enterprise of Parent-Teacher’s Association of Kaş Hotel Management And Tourism Vocational High School.

Kaputaş Beach

150m long and 15 minutes drive from Kaş is the sandy beach of Kaputaş. It lies at the bottom of steep cliffs but there are steps down. Not much more can be said other than that really. Oh I know, an old woman often wanders around selling cold drinks and snack.
Kaputas is a mountain gorge with a small shingle cove beach under a bridge crossing the gorge, with a steep set of steps up/down to the beach,and a steep drop off into the clear blue sea.

Patara Beach

Rated as the best beach in the world by some. However, Patara may be the best in the Mediterranean but it can’t compare with tropical beaches. However it is 14.2 kms/9miles long [the longest beach in the Mediterranean] of child-friendly shore – medium grain brown sand – backed only by ancient ruins and swooping dunes – with no buildings visible save a small café at one end.
Loungers and umbrellas available for rent but no watersports or camping. The area is inexpensive and there’s a limited selection of low-key accommodation in nearby Patara town, with beach commuter transport or a longish walk. Alternatively day trip in from Kalkan/Kas. 50 miles from Fethiye.