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Paragliding allows you, to soar from ridges, rise on warm currents of air and cover great distances. Tandem jumps put you in the hot seat and leaves the technicalities of flying in the hands of an expert pilot. So you get to enjoy the thrills and the most amazing scenery in the Country.
Paragliding in Turkey

The weather conditions and mountainous terrain make Turkey the perfect place for a paragliding vacation. With tandem rigs it is possible for almost anyone to participate in this “high adrenalin” sport.
There are currently two Paragliding sites in Turkey. Mt Asas in Kas and Babadag in Oludeniz. Mt Asas is a fairly new jump site that has been developed over the past few years. Good wind conditions, thermals reaching up to 4000 meters ASL, fantastic views and proximity to the sea, make Kas and Oludeniz one of the safest scenic places to fly in the world.
Paragliding Kas – Mt Asas

With just a few steps, you’ll take off AMAZING!!! The launch has 180° of cleared and graded terrain at the top of Asas Mountain, facing south to the sea. From launch, you have a magnificent view of the Greek island of Meis (Kastellorizon). The tandem pilots land on the jetty in town, making their approach over the tall masts of the moored yachts and dropping onto a landing mat, just short of the concrete seawall. The summers in Kasare hot and dry and pilots enjoy consistent flying conditions between May and October. With approximately 300 days of sunshine each year, there is the potential for great soaring and flights. Available from Kas and Olympos
If you search in you tube for paragliding in kas you will see a lot videos. It will give you brief idea.